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General terms

Terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions regulate the relationship between Vecto Bulgaria EOOD and the persons using the website and the online store at www.babymoments.bg
“WE”, “Vecto”, “www.babymoments.bgbabymoments.bg”“THE COMPANY” means Vecto Bulgaria EOOD with headquarters and principal place of business: city of Sofia, Mladost 1, bl. 98, registered in the commercial register of the Registry Agency with UIC: 204104308
“CPA” – means Consumers Protection Act;
“PDPA” – means Personal Data Protection Act;
“POSA” – means Postal Services Act;
“SITE” – means Web Site located at www.babymoments.bg;
“ONLINE STORE” – means the virtual store located at www.babymoments.bg, which provides the opportunity to purchase goods over the Internet;
“USER” – means a person who uses the website’s features;
“CONSUMER” – means a consumer in the meaning of the CPA;
“PERSONAL DATA” – means personal data in the meaning of the PDPA;
“CASH ON DELIVERY” – means cash on delivery pursuant to the POSA;
“GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS” - means these general terms and conditions. 
By clicking on any link, button or application available on the site, with the exception of the link pointing to these terms and conditions, the user expressly and unconditionally agrees to these general terms and conditions for using the website and the online store.
The registration procedure of the website is absolutely voluntary and free. Registration is required only when using certain features of the website. The website can be viewed by the users freely without registration. To register, you need to fill the registration form.
Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk. Upon successful registration, users will receive a user name and password with which to enter their profile created on the website.
General provisions
Only those goods which the system allows to be added to the user’s shopping cart may be purchased through the online store. All information on goods offered for sale through the online store, including, but not limited to technical characteristics, warranty, instructions for use, etc. is provided by the manufacturer, respectively importer of the product. Vecto is not responsible for false, incorrect or inaccurately presented information, for accurate information presented in a misleading way, for discrepancies between the presented situation and the actual situation, as well as for misprints.
All prices shown on the website/online store are in Bulgarian levs and are valid only at the time of their publication. Vecto reserves the right to change them without notice at any time. The prices on the website/online store are final and include all taxes and fees, except the price for delivery, which is indicated separately.
Legal guarantee. Information for consumers
All goods presented on the website and/or sold via the online store possess legal guarantee for compliance with the sale contract under art. 112-115 from CPA. Commercial warranty does not affect the right of the consumers, accrued by the guarantee under art. 112-115 from CPA. Irrespectively of the commercial warranty, the seller is responsible for the lack of compliance between the consumer good and the sale contract according to art. 112-115 from CPA. You may find information on customer’s rights accrued by the legal guarantee under art. 112-115 from CPA.
Everything mentioned in this section (Legal guarantee. Information for consumers) refers only to the consumers under art. §13, par. 1, item 1 from the Additional provisions of CPA.

Only registered users who have accepted the general terms and conditions can place orders. To place an order, it is necessary to fill in the order form by following the procedure described.
Payment Users can pay the price of the item ordered from the online store by choosing one of the following ways:
Cash on delivery
Bank card payment
Bank transferRegardless of the chosen method of payment all payments are made in Bulgarian leva only. By accepting these terms and conditions the user agrees expressly and unconditionally, except for the “cash on delivery” payment, for all other cases, including but not limited to, using the “Pick from Store” option, to pay to Vecto, in advance and in full amount, the purchase price of any item ordered from the online store. If paying via “cash on delivery” the buyer receives from the courier during delivery invoice/receipt with the purchase price and courier cost indicated on it. The buyer hands over to the courier the amount equal to the total amount (including the price of the item and cost of delivery) indicated in the invoice/receipt, which is also indicated on the Record of Handover (verifying the delivery of the item from the courier to the buyer), serving as a proof of receipt. By signing the Record of Handover the buyer authorizes the courier to hand over to Vecto the amount that equals the purchase price of the delivered item, on behalf and at the expense of the courier.
The distance sale contract between Vecto and the user shall be deemed concluded at the time of confirmation of the specific order by Vecto. By accepting these general terms and conditions the consumer expressly and unconditionally agrees that the confirmation of a concluded distance sale contract shall be done via the email they provided.

Goods ordered via the online store are delivered by courier. We deliver only to the geographical territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, which excludes deliveries to Bulgarian foreign diplomatic missions, embassies, ships and planes under the Bulgarian flag and others that according to international law are considered part of the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. At delivery, the recipient signs a delivery and acceptance slip to certify the proper completion of the order. Delivery times of goods ordered via the online store are as follows:
For goods ordered which are in stock- 2 working days
For goods ordered “with delivery”- 20 working days, after confirmation of the order

Goods with status “with delivery” will be delivered within 20 days from the day following the day of the order confirmation.

In any event, Vecto reserves the right to unilaterally, without informing the consumer, to extend these periods by up to seven days. Goods are delivered to recipients in a standard way – they are handed over against signature, as larger shipments (at the discretion of the person making the delivery) shall be delivered to the entrance of the building. If personal delivery to the recipient is impossible or difficult, the shipments shall be delivered as follows: 1. for business address of a person, whose place of work is at the address, by indicating the name and position / department of the person receiving the shipment. 2. for home address of a member of the household, by indicating the name of the person who received the shipment and their relationship with the recipient. In case the order cannot be delivered on first visit, through no fault of Vecto and / or the courier (in case no one is present at the address, etc.), the person making the delivery leaves a notice stating the telephone number to which the recipient should call within three working days to fix a new deadline for delivery. In case the order cannot be delivered on the second visit, through no fault of Vecto and / or the courier, the distance sales contract is automatically terminated, in which case, as a sanction for the buyer’s fault, Vecto shall retain all sums paid by buyer. The provision referred to in the previous sentence also applies in cases where the recipient unreasonably refuses to accept the shipment.

Withdrawal from a contract and refund of paid purchase price
Pursuant to art. 50 of the CPA, a consumer is entitled to withdraw from the distance contract without stating a reason, without compensation or penalty and without covering any costs, save for the costs provided for in art. 54, par. 3 and art. 55 of the CPA, within 14 days the date of acceptance of the goods by the consumer or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the consumer or when the consumer has ordered in one order many goods that are delivered separately – from the date on which the consumer or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the consumer has accepted the last good.

The right of withdrawal may be exercised only if the following conditions are met: The original packaging of the product is not opened and the integrity of the protective stickers on the packaging is not impaired. The consumer has given Vecto the documents proving purchase of the good, namely a copy of the original invoice or copies of the original receipt, accompanied by the relevant delivery note.

In case the right to withdraw from a distance contract has been exercised, the consumer shall send or deliver the goods back to Vecto no later than 14 days from the day on which the consumer informed Vecto of his/her decision to withdraw from the contract. All direct costs associated with the return of the goods, including transportation costs, shall be borne solely by the consumer. The risk of accidental loss or damage is responsibility of the consumer until the goods are delivered by the consumer to Vecto.

Protection of personal data
By accepting these terms and conditions, the user gives his/her express indefinite and unconditional consent, until its explicit written cancellation, his/her personal data to be collected, stored, processed and used by Vecto and / or by third parties authorized by the company, including but not limited to: courier services companies, banks and others for the purpose of execution of the distance contract for selling and delivery of ordered goods; and in the case of online purchase by loan: in connection with the application for a loan and the execution of the loan agreement, marketing and promotional purposes and analyzes of Vecto, participation in games, promotions and raffles organized by the company and for any other purposes not prohibited by law. The user may at any time receive information whether his/her personal data is being processed and used by Vecto, and the purposes of processing and use. In addition to the abovementioned, in the cases of online purchase on the installment plan the user gives his/her explicit and unconditional consent, until its explicit written cancellation, his/her personal data to be exchanged freely between Vecto and the bank to which the user has applied for a loan, respectively the bank which has issued the loan.
Review of the product. Returns

Upon receipt of the product the consumer is obliged to review it and if he/she finds evident shortcomings, missing accompanying accessories and / or missing documents required by the Bulgarian legislation, he/she shall immediately inform the person making the delivery. Failing this, the good is deemed to be approved and the consumer loses the right to claim that the product was delivered with evident shortcomings, missing accompanying accessories and / or missing documents required by the Bulgarian legislation, at a later date. Returns of purchased via the online store goods are carried under the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act and in accordance with the terms and conditions of their commercial warranty.