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About us

About us

Babymoments is distributor of high quality children products of all over the world.

The products of babymoments are selected with big attention to detail. They guarantee comfort and security for your baby and child.

You can be sure when you buy our products you will give your child the best environment for development.

Give your baby the feeling for security and comfort in your hug!

In our portfolio you may find:

  • Baby Slings
  • Ergonomic carriers
  • Hammocks for babies and children
  • Swinging chairs
  • Heating solutions and many more.  

Tested Quality

The material dreams are made of

In the hammock and baby product sector in Germany and also internationally, AMAZONAS is increasingly becoming a synonym for high quality and stability. Last but not least because we can constantly make improvements to the benefit of our customers thanks to our direct contact with our manufacture in Brazil. We are always receptive for your suggestions and look forward to a lively exchange with our retailers and all experienced AMAZONAS hammock users.

All our "natura"-coloured Brazilian hammocks and hanging chairs are made of 100% cotton. We guarantee that the colours are AZO-free!


 TÜV – the symbol for your safety

The TÜV certificate is the German seal which certifies the safety of a product. The product is subjected to a range of standardised technical procedures, testing the product in its destined application area. This seal of safety is particularly important for applications which concern children. You can recognize our TÜV-certified product range by the pictured seals.

 The Intertek GS Mark – your guarantee of product safety

Standing for Geprüfte Sicherheit [Safety Tested], the GS Mark from Intertek certifies that a product has been tested and found to be safe.
In order for a product to receive this seal of quality, tests are executed based on a standardised technical procedure, so as to ensure that the product conforms to European safety standards and German product standards, as well as other product-independent requirements.
The GS Mark is based on the German Product Safety Act, and is a seal of quality officially authorised by the German government. It can only be awarded by an independent and recognised testing and certification centre, like Intertek (the industry's number one in this category).

We voluntarily choose to have our products subjected to GS testing, so as to exclude any possible risk of injury to the user.
You can see which of our products have received the Intertek GS Mark from the label displayed.

More information about Intertek may be found at: www.intertek.com

EllTex: ExtraLongLastingTEXtile

EllTex can be hung outside even when it is raining or when the sun is burning hot:
EllTex is a special mix of polyester and cotton that is very weatherproof, hardly fades and stays extremely tear proof, even after repeatedly getting wet.

On top, it is snug and soft like pure cotton!

For confidence in your textiles

The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is an internationally uniform testing and certification system. Independent testing institutes in the international Oeko-Tex community assess all types of textile products in accordance with this system to ensure they are uncompromisingly healthy.
Comprehensive laboratory tests examine all components of a product and its accessories in accordance with strict guidelines. Only if the defined threshold values comply and the products correspond without exception with the testing criteria is the product permitted to be given the Oeko-Tex label.

The more intensive the skin contact with a product, the stricter the requirements it must fulfil. Our Baby World products come under the strict product class 1.

The toxic substance tests are subject to a list of scientific criteria and are adapted every year to keep in line with current research and legislation. They include threshold values for substances, dyes, heavy metals, phenols and pesticides that are prohibited by law, carcinogenic or hazardous to health in another way.

Products from our range assessed in accordance with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 have the seal depicted.

AMAZONAS uses FSCTM-certified wood from responsibly managed forestries for its products.

The mission of the Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSCTM) is to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forests.

The FSCTM label on a product is a clear indicator that the product originated from responsibly managed forestry. Products with the FSCTM label ensure that forests are used in accordance with the social, economic and ecological requirements of today's and future generations.


The products of the AMAZONAS Baby World are marked with the "eco-tested" seal.

This seal guarantees, that the products of our "Baby World" range have the following verifiable characteristics:

• skin tolerance
• fastness to salvia & perspiration
• rub fastness
• color fastness
• free of AZO-dye
• free of pollutants
• free of extractable heavy metals
• free of chlorine organic carrier
• free of PAH's*
• free of softeners
• free of formaldehyde
• free of aromatic amines
• free of phtalates
• low flammability

* Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons